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ABOUT Eastbluff

Eastbluff is a known as one of the most sought out communities in Newport Beach. It not only has amazing scenic views of back bay, but it also has different trails and grassland for hiking and walking. Eastbluff has golf course homes, apartments, and other different residential options. This community is located near some great public and private schools, restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters, recreational parks, and other entertainment options.

It allows people to enjoy the quiet neighborhood, while having the option to be able to venture out only a few minutes to some of the best entertainment hot spots in Newport Beach. Eastbluff is also surrounded by different art galleries and exhibits, which offer more options for residents and visitors that are interested in having some educational experiences with art and history. This neighborhood is not guard gated. It is larger than nearby neighborhoods such as Big Canyon and Belcourt.

The culture within the Eastbluff community is centered around family-first lifestyles. The majority of the people living in the area is single families who are raising young children. Many of the families in this area are wealthy and value the finer things in life. They want the best of the best. Anything from their elegant home architectures and structures to high-standard public and private schools to upscale restaurants and entertainment options. Because Eastbluff is next to San Diego Creek, Vista Point, and Mountains to the Sea Trail & Bikeway, people living in this area enjoy adventurous outdoor hobbies and activities.


High property values
Verdant surroundings
Diverse housing options
Culturally rich population
Good safety statistics
Popular among young professionals
Formally-educated population

Natural Disasters

Out of 475 extreme weather events that were recorded in this part of California, over 150 events were floods. Another 150 events were thunderstorms, hail storms, and wind storms.

Although Eastbluff is a coastal neighborhood, being a Californian residential area means Eastbluff isn’t entirely safe from the seasonal risk of wildfires. During droughts, warmer months, and periods of intense heat, fires may spark in the area and lead to critical conditions.

Earthquakes are also semi-regular natural occurrences in Eastbluff. Because of Eastbluff’s high frequency of seismic activity, the local earthquake index dwarfs the state’s already high earthquake index. That said, the majority of earthquakes in the area have low magnitudes.


Eastbluff is a neighborhood in Newport Beach that is bordered by the streets of Fire Road and Jamboree Road. Jamboree Road is the major road that separates this community from the Belcourt neighborhood. This major route starts at Bayside Cove at Bayside Drive and run north to the city of Orange.

Eastbluff Drive is a major route within the neighborhood and runs down the middle. leaving the community, the northern part of this street turns to University Drive, and the southern part turns into Ford Road. Traveling north on Jamboree alongside Eastbluff will run into State Route 73, which ends in San Juan Capistrano

Crime Rate

Overall, Eastbluff’s crime rates are considered even with the national average. However, local violent crimes fall 62% under the country’s estimated average. Also, year-over-year crime in the area shows a steady decrease of 2%.

Like many Newport Beach neighborhoods, property crime rates are of specific concern in Eastbluff. The local property crime rate per 1,000 residents is well over both statewide and national rates. In particular, theft and burglary rates track over California’s averages and U.S. averages.

The roughly estimated odds of experiencing a property crime here are 1 in 41. Meanwhile, the chances of experiencing a violent crime in Eastbluff are 1 in 688.


SCHOOLS IN Eastbluff

The Eastbluff community is not limited when it comes to schooling for students in grades kindergarten through twelfth. This area has options for families who are interested in enrolling their students in either private or public school. For public schooling, students in Eastbluff are zoned to enroll in schools within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District.

Established in 1966, this school district has been growing rapidly with students from the cities of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. Along with elementary, middle, and high schools, Newport-Mesa also offers adult education centers for adults who want to earn their high school diploma, tutoring, and training in specific career paths.

It also has alternative education centers for students who are struggling in their studies and need to get back on track in order to graduate. Eastbluff also has different private schools in the area that are great alternative education institutions. These schools offer even more enrichment and extracurricular programs.


Eastbluff Elementary School at 2627 Vista Del Oro: Eastbluff Elementary School was founded in 1973 and accepts enrollment for students in grades kindergarten through sixth. Over 400 students are enrolled in this school. Eastbluff Elementary was awarded recognition as the California Gold Ribbon in 2016 for successfully supporting its students and challenging them to set high standards and achieve them. After school, Eastbluff Elementary School has several extracurricular activities that are fun and help enhance the students' learning experiences. Students at Eastbluff can participate in engaging clubs such as bricks for kids, portal languages, chess club, battle of the books, piano keyboard, dance, fine arts, and much more. Andersen Elementary School at 1900 Port Seabourne Way: Nearby the Eastbluff neighborhood is Andersen Elementary School. This school is a prestigious and has won many awards for exceeding expectations as a public education institution. Andersen has won the California Distinguished School award four times, including in 2014. It provides different electives outside of the core curriculum standards such as computer science, fine arts, and performing arts. Andersen Elementary School has engaging after school programs where students can excel in their interests and hobbies and learn something new. These extracurricular activities include softball, soccer, robotics, and foreign languages such as Spanish. The Spanish club is the most popular club.
Corona del Mar Middle School at 2985 Bear Street: Eastbluff students in grades seventh and eighth have the option to enroll in Corona del Mar Middle School. This middle school is within the neighborhood and well-known for having quality instruction and a wide variety of after school programs that students can participate in. Students at Corona del Mar learn independence and responsibility because those who choose to participate in different school clubs must balance fun with work. They are also being prepared for their high school years. Corona del Mar Middle School has a competitive and stellar athletic department that creates hardworking and dedicated athletics who play to win. Ensign Intermediate School at 2000 Cliff Drive: Less than five miles away from the Eastbluff neighborhood is Ensign Intermediate School. This public school enrolls sevenths and eighth graders. Ensign encourages parents and the community to get involved in school events because it supports students and their academic endeavors. Building strong academic relationships with the teachers and staff members is important to the school officials because students will feel as though they are in a safe environment to grow. Also, Ensign school officials want students to encourage one another in their successes. The school has a wide range of extracurricular activities available that range from art club to lacrosse.
Corona del Mar High School at 2985 Bear Street: The closest school in the Eastbluff area is Corona del Mar High School. This high school is considered one of the most well-rounded and stellar public high schools within Newport-Mesa Unified School District. It sets high standards for students and challenges them to set high ones for themselves. Corona del Mar High School has enrichment programs to help students who need additional assistance in their academics or accommodate students who require accelerated courses. Also, the high school has different programs that prepare students for college. Advanced Placement courses are college preparatory classes, and students can earn college credit.
Newport Christian School at 1000 Bison Avenue: Established in the 1980s, Newport Christian School has been consistently growing and flourish ever since. This private school caters to students who are in grades kindergarten through eleventh. School officials are working to introduce the twelfth grade so that Newport Beach families can have the option of enrolling their students in a private school that offers all grades. Newport Christian School has plenty of activities and a variety of course subjects offered. This faith-based school teaches Christian values and also gives instruction on the core subjects and additional electives. Students can learn foreign languages, penmanship, reading, writing, Bible studies, science, math, and history. Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School at 2046 Mar Vista Drive: Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School is located within the Eastbluff community. This faith-based school teaches Catholic values of life along with the academic curriculum including language arts, math, social studies, science, foreign language, music, physical education, fine arts, and computer technology. Students who are in kindergarten through eighth grade are eligible to enroll in this school. Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic School has small athletic department that offers football. This school focuses more on the academics, arts, technology, and health and nutrition. Piano club, STEAM lab, Bio-nerds, Mandarin club, and fitness fun are some of the clubs the school offers.

Real Estate

Eastbluff Housing 2020

The real estate in the Eastbluff neighborhood is all about the single-family homes. Homes in this area can be priced as high as $4.2 million. The homes in this price range have more bedrooms and bathrooms as well as more indoor and outdoor high-end amenities and features.

Most of them have single-level with a few as high as two stories. The more expensive homes have water features, adding sophistication and elegance to the flowery and lush landscape. They have a fire pit for outdoor cooking and a large private swimming pool in the backyard. Marble countertops are much more prevalent in higher-priced Eastbluff single-family homes.

Some more amenities include hardwood flooring, high ceilings, fireplaces, a grand living room and dining area, a master suite with private bathroom and balcony, and so much more. The more affordable homes in the Eastbluff area are condominiums, which are priced as low as $741,000.

Eastbluff Homes for Sale

Located near the Upper Newport Bay and The Narrows, Eastbluff is a non-gated community surrounded by nature and breathtaking scenic view. This neighborhood has different residential options. The area has single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, and townhomes in the neighborhood. It is easier to find a home to buy than to rent.

Most of the single-family homes are one story high although there are several build with two stories. There are a few apartment and townhome complexes, but the majority of the homes are traditional family homes. The Eastbluff neighborhood is filled with so many sights to see and adventures to embark on. Just in your own backyard, you can view the bay.

This community is perfect for people who appreciate the outdoors and different fun activities that are available. Homes that are not located near the trails are sitting along the border street Jamboree Road which separates Eastbluff from other nearby neighborhoods.

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Things to do

The Eastbluff neighborhood provides plenty of activities available for residents and visitors to enjoy. Whether you go to The Bluffs Shopping Center for some clothes and shoes or have a night out with your friends at Bar Register, Eastbluff will not disappoint you. Because this community is in the heart of some of the best biking and hiking trails in northern Newport Beach area, people enjoy being active outdoors and getting the whole family involved. Also, Eastbluff has delicious dining options, ranging from Italian to Asian to California-style cuisine. You can even get a healthy smoothie bowl at Paradise Bowls. Want to catch the latest movie in theaters, you can take a two-mile drive to The Lot and have a upscale meal during the movie. This community is nearby great art galleries and exhibits that showcase both classic and contemporary paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Eastbluff is becoming a thriving community.
The Eastbluff area is filled with delicious restaurant choices. Bistro Le Crillon serves French and Italian cuisine and has an outdoor patio. Islands Restaurant Newport Beach has burgers and fries, authentic Mexican food, and tropical dishes. Champagnes Bistro & Deli has breakfast options as well as deli sandwiches and other entrees.
Parks & Recreation
The neighborhood has many different parks and trails available to residents and visitors. Eastbluff Park has several picnic facilities and sports fields. Bonita Creek Park has a playground, two baseball fields, and a basketball court. The Mountains to the Sea Trail & Bikeway is a great trail to bike or take a brisk walk.
Movie Theater
The nearby surrounding areas of Eastbluff have movie theaters that show new releases as well as classics. These movie theaters include The Lot, Triangle Cinemas, and Movie Experience. The Lot also offers meals for people who want to eat food while they watch movies. Triangle Cinemas shows critically-acclaimed movies on certain days of the week.
Eastbluff has so many different options available when it comes to shopping. There are shopping centers and retail stores in and nearby this neighborhood. These shopping centers include Fashion Island, Eastbluff Village Center, The Bluffs Shopping Center, Newport Hills Shopping Center, Corona del Mar Plaza, and plenty more retail options.
Fine Arts & Exhibits
People who live in the Eastbluff area in Newport Beach have the opportunity to go to different art galleries and exhibits. The Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) is a art museum of over 3,000 moderns art paintings. Southern CA Art Projects and Exhibitions (SCAPE) has modern art exhibits and projects.
Performing Arts & Shows
Near the Eastbluff neighborhood is the Backstage & Performing Artist Company is a performance center that has students from Corona del Mar High School and Middle School Theatre Arts produce captivating shows each season. Newport Beach Concerts on the Green has local and famous musician perform at the Civic Center.
Nightlife Spots
The Eastbluff community is known to be near great nightlife spots that offer live music, a good time, and delicious drinks. Some of these spots include Provenance, Juliette Kitchen & Bar, Aqua Lounge, Yard House, Hopdoddy Burger Bar, and more. There are some nightlife spots that even offer bar food and appetizers.
Recreational Fishing
Because Eastbluff is inches away from the Upper Newport Bay and Back Bay Beach, you can do some recreational fishing by yourself or with some friends and family is possible. If you not have any fishing equipment of your own, you can buy or rent some from Zapphira Sport Fishing.
Country Clubs
Newport Beach has so many country clubs that people have memberships to, especially near the Eastbluff neighborhood. People who live in the community usually join through invitation to some of the clubs such as Big Canyon Country Club, Newport Beach Tennis Club, Newport Beach Country Club, and The Pacific Club.
If you don't have to travel eight miles down to the Newport Beach on the coast, Back Bay Beach is just two miles away from Eastbluff. You can enjoy the area whether you go canoeing, kayaking, or jet skiing. Or you can go swimming, skimboarding, and surfing on the coast of Newport Beach.


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